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I don't want to die... I just want to be thin. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
I'll be beautiful when I'm 120 pounds.....

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Is this blog dead? [Jul. 28th, 2008|03:03 pm]
I'll be beautiful when I'm 120 pounds.....

Any more tips? I am around 120-ish, sometimes less, sometimes more. But wonder how I can go through the plateau of losing more weight? I don't look as good as the girl who posted her pic here below, though I am 5'8". Wonder why. Very nice photo, btw!
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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Calories [Mar. 9th, 2008|04:53 pm]
I'll be beautiful when I'm 120 pounds.....


Hello, I'm new to this community.  Long story short, I was nearing 200 lbs at one point.  I got down to about 125 at another point.  I'm back up to 145 now.  

I like to post mostly reflections of my experience, so if this is inappropriate in any way I apologize.

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Calories

Anyone who has lost a significant amount of weight can tell you the satisfaction they feel when comparing a "fat" picture and a "thin" picture.  Yet, what happens when you only have your "thin" pictures?

True, you're thinner than you were at one point.  You look better than you did all those pounds ago.  Yet, something about all these "thin" pictures is still unsettling.  You still look fat!  It can't be right!  You've lost all that weight and kept it off.  When you look in the mirror, you see an attractive woman standing in front of you.  Yet, something in that flash and shutter has transformed you from a pretty princess to a dumpy demon.  They say the camera adds 10 lbs, but could it have added 20?

While it's partially true that the transformation from 3D to 2D takes its toll on us all, the real truth is that when we look in the mirror, we see what we want to see.  Our eyes focus on one feature at a time, not on our bodies as a whole.  When we're feeling sexy, we see that  curve that moves out from our bust, in to our waist, and back out to our hips, forming a perfect hour glass.  We see how beautifully our smile lifts up our cheeks and brightens our eyes.  We see how long and sexy our legs look in those high heeled shoes.

Yet, something completely different happens when we're feeling down and we look in the mirror.  That sexy hourglass suddenly becomes way too wide, that smile makes our crow's feet stand out, and those high heels suddenly remind us of how short and stumpy our legs really are.  This is similar to what happens when we see a photograph.  Now we can see how we really look.  The cloud of confidence is no longer tunneling our vision to those two or three good features we have.  We see ourselves as a whole; the way others see us. 

That's when depression kicks in.  What fools we've been!  Here we were, all this time, thinking we were hot stuff!  How embarrassing!  What awful things people must have said about us!   How could this be?! 

It's that cold, hard, painful realization that we all come to:

"Thinner than before" does not mean "thin." 


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enough [Feb. 21st, 2008|07:07 pm]
I'll be beautiful when I'm 120 pounds.....
I'm quite the sneaky person and I found out that my boyfriend is proposing this next summer... and I am a fat mess.  I HAVE lose this weight before he comes home from school for the summer.  I don't want him asking me to marry him while I sit or stand there uncomtfortably wondering is my gut is sticking out.  I have to be thin and careless.. .My college eating habits have gone WAY too far.  My goal is to lose 5 pounds before comes home for spring break on March 5.  and then lose 15 pounds more after that before May when he comes home for the summer.

cw 145
stg 140
ltg 125

So I plan on eating a super low calorie diet and working out EVERYDAY

Tomorrow I'm going to the gym  after work and class and doing a half hour on the eliptical, 

Does any one find results in doing crunches?  I'd like to do some but I'm afraid they will just make me buik up,


Here''s a picture somsone took of me today.... when I saw it, I decided enough was enough 
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oh.mygod [Dec. 12th, 2007|12:12 am]
I'll be beautiful when I'm 120 pounds.....
Recently I've been wieghing myself every other day or so (after a friend told me I looked thinner ^.^).

For the first time since 8th grade (I'm halfway through 10th now btw) I weigh less than 200lbs. It feels so freaking good. An I just hought I'd share. Even if I'm still uhmm... 74lbs away from 120.

under the emo lies my thoughts on my 8lbs of wieght lossCollapse )
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I'm new [Aug. 31st, 2007|01:19 pm]
I'll be beautiful when I'm 120 pounds.....

[mood |contentcontent]

So I'm new and just wanted to say hi. My goal is to be 120 pounds by Christmas so when I saw this community I was soooo excited. I just got to college a couple weeks ago and since then I've already lost 7 lbs. I am so thankful cause I was wavering right above 140! It was disgusting. I am excited about getting support here!
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Weight spike; wtf? [Aug. 18th, 2007|04:54 pm]
I'll be beautiful when I'm 120 pounds.....

Hey ya'll!

So, I was finally getting back into this weightloss shindig and had carved my weight back down to 169.5 (still hideous, yes, but far less hideous than what its been lately) and it was chilling out there for a couple days. Then, lit'rally overnight, my weight jumped to 174.5. I drank a lot of water and tried to detox, and so it went back down to 171, but then right back up the next day. For the past three days it has been there and I have no clue wtf is going on with it. Why did my weight spike so suddenly? Is it water weight? I'm in colorguard, so it could likely be muscle, but I doubt that even after a 12 day break, one 3 hour practice wouldn't bring forth three pounds of muscle.

Case in point: What do I do?

(x'd many places; I want answers, dammit!)
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can't say i went about it in the *healthiest* manner, but i. don't. care; this is sooo worth it... [May. 7th, 2007|10:14 pm]
I'll be beautiful when I'm 120 pounds.....
[mood |thrilled]

for years and years, my weight has clocked in stubbornly at over 130 lbs, and there was damn near nothing i could do to change that. 132 was a cause for celebration, in fact, for more often than not i was tipping the scales closer to 145. no matter how you dice it, that's a bit hefty for a girl of only 5 feet, 3 inches. fatalistic (not to mention, lazy) about my chances of EVER overcoming my chubbiness, i fiercely ignored the issue most of the time, playing it off as though any girl who cared about that sort of thing was a stupid, vacuous whores--and just seething with subdued envy the entire time.

i posted to this community once or twice before with my old LJ (defyapathy), and there were definitely some moments of real, solid progress. but even then i never dreamed i would ever reach the point where i now stand...'cause y'see, guys, here's the bottom line:

If it's true what they say,
that 120 is beautiful, then 
today I can say for the 
very first time that

I. Am. Beautiful.

and oh god does it ever feel good... 

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No more weight battles [Jan. 26th, 2007|05:39 pm]
I'll be beautiful when I'm 120 pounds.....
I found this great website for an easy, discreet and affordable weight loss solution!! It's called Apple Patch Diet. You can loose up to 30 lbs in 30 days PLUS gain lots of energy! I was a little skeptical at first, BUT IT WORKS and I really do FEEL GREAT.

Even better, satisfaction is guranteed and this company is a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce!

Here is the website: http://applepatchdiet.com/ts12689

So check it out and tell your friends, I'm glad I did!!!
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Latte lover! [Jan. 25th, 2007|10:32 am]
I'll be beautiful when I'm 120 pounds.....

So- who in here loves coffee? I know I do! What do you all usually get? I'm trying to get as low cal as I can but it's hard without drinking a tastely espresso with non-fat milk. I usually get a non-fat white mocha or a non-fat sugar free cappaccino!! What about you guys? Any ideas on tastey low-cal drinks?

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New To Community [Jan. 25th, 2007|07:46 am]
I'll be beautiful when I'm 120 pounds.....

Hey! I'm new to this community. Just wanted to say you are all beautiful and I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you. Or at least I can hope, right? Anyways- my quest is to be 130 by Valentine's Day so your love and support is more than appreciated. Have a great day!

PS: If you want to read my journal, comment and add me as a friend.



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